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Eyebrows: The Good, the Bad and the Bride’s

Your eyebrows tell a story. Every time you speak or convey emotion, they speak with you: moving up and down, scowling or raising with excitement. They are one of the most prominent features on the face, and yet often the most overlooked. Or worse yet, over-tweezed! 
Eyebrows for wedding makeup, health and beauty
Ask any experienced Makeup Artist: the best makeup application in the world will not look its best if you have unmanaged eyebrows. The correct eyebrow shape can balance the face, make your eyes look larger and take years off your look. 

The trend right now is a natural, well-groomed eyebrow–a little thicker than in the recent past, but well-defined and soft. Gone are the days of pencil-thin eyebrows with a severe arch. Fairytale princesses had full, rounded eyebrows that gave them a soft, youthful, innocent look. Their wicked counterparts had severe, thin, highly arched brows that made them look mean, old and harsh. Definitely not the best look for a blushing bride! 

So, what does this mean to the bride? It means that you should not over-tweeze. This is perhaps the worst eyebrow faux pas. A few months prior to the wedding, let your eyebrows grow in for 6-8 weeks. Then, either shape them on your own, or get a trained beauty professional to do it for you. It is much easier to continue to tweeze on your own after a trained Eyebrow Designer has shaped your eyebrows properly. An Eyebrow Designer will know the best way to enhance your overall beauty, by giving you brows with the correct shape for your bone structure and features. 
Eyebrows makeup, health and beauty
Here are a few pointers if you decide to try it on your own: 

Looking in a mirror, hold a pencil vertically and place the pencil along your nose toward the centre of the nostril. Where the pencil intersects the brow or brow bone is where the brow should begin. Mark this spot with an eye pencil. 

For the arch, keep the base of the pencil where it is, and while looking straight ahead, line up the top end of the pencil to the outside of the coloured part of your eye, the iris. Where the pencil falls on the brow is where your arch should fall. Mark this spot with an eye pencil above the brow. 

Without moving the base of the pencil, move the top end outward to line up with the outside corner of your eye. Where the top of the pencil intersects the brow is where the brow should end. Mark this spot with an eye pencil. 
These marks will be your guide as you begin to tweeze. I recommend tweezing when working alone. Waxing can be messy, and you can remove too much hair with a quick flick of the wrist! The brow should be fullest at the beginning point and gradually become thinner toward the arch and then out to the end. Take your time and take a step back and look at your whole face after every few hairs tweezed. It is very easy to tweeze out too many brow hairs. If you have stray hairs above the brow, you can tweeze these as well, but tweeze carefully, or you might create a hole in the brow, which would not be a good look. Trimming the brows is best left to a professional, but if you think that yours are very long, brush them upward and trim the hair to slightly above the natural brow line. Too short, and they might stick straight out! 
Eyebrows for wedding makeup, health and beauty
If your beginning point is short, meaning that your brow does not grow to the mark you made with the eye pencil, you are missing hair where there should be hair. Either allow the brows to grow in a little more if they were over-tweezed, or fill in the area with brow pencil or brow powder. Too much space between the eyebrows can make the nose look bigger. 

The eyebrows can change the look of the face. They can make a full face look slimmer, a long face look less long, and give overall harmony to the rest of the features–providing they are shaped correctly. 

Remember, not too thin or too angled. I’ll say it again…not too thin! And remember, an eyebrow shaped by a professional Eyebrow Designer may be the best and least expensive investment toward that flawless wedding day look. 

Your Eyebrows.

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