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Hair Comes The Bride – How to choose Wedding Hair Accessories

Beautiful hair accessories.

Beautiful hair accessories.

You can picture yourself in your dream dress holding those flowers you?ve always imagined walking up the isle… But what are you wearing in your hair?

Wedding hair accessories are often left to the last minute to purchase, but are a vital part of your entire bridal look. From a traditional veil to an avant-garde hair piece there are so many option out there it is hard to choose your perfect accessories. Here are some tips to help you finish your look for your big day.

Working with your Dress & Jewellery

When choosing hair accessories for your wedding it is important to take into account how they will look with you dress and any other accessories you already have.

1. If you have a lot of beading and embellishments on the top of your gown, try a simple necklace or no necklace, with a beaded hair piece to compliment your gown.
2. If your gown has beading and embellishments around your waist or hips, try a more elaborate necklace with either a collection of beaded hair pins or a fabric flower that matches your gown fabric.
3. If you have a bit of colour in your gown , Bring out that colour by wearing a coloured hair piece or beaded pins.

Veil or no Veil?

The traditional wedding veil is a timeless classic, but many contemporary brides are choosing alternatives to veils, or trying newer styles of veils.

1. If you have always imagined wearing a veil on your wedding day, remember there are heaps of exciting options. Veils can be made in more than just white. Or try going vintage, with a box veil or face veil.
2. If you wear a veil you can also wear other hair accessories, a great combination can be beaded hair pins worn in front of your veil and through-out your hair-up.
3. Remember, you probably won?t wear your veil all day, so think about how you want your hair to look without your veil in it. You can always have a complimenting beaded hair comb in you handbag, and swap it in when you remove you veil!

What works with what?

When buying hair accessories keep in mind what colour you hair is and how you want to wear it on the day.

1. Up or down? If you are choosing to wear your hair out, don?t think that this means you can?t have hair accessories; a beaded comb to hold back a fringe, or some hair pins that suspend pearls or crystals down through your hair. If you hair is up, try placing 10 or 20 small pearls or crystals throughout your hair for that subtle glamour, or wrap a gorgeous hair vine around you hair-up.
2. Combinations: Be bold by combining two different hair accessories. A hair band, vine or tiara with scattered single beaded hair pins, or a hair comb with complimenting fancy hair pins.

What?s Hot?

Flower decorations in the hair.

Flower decorations in the hair.

This season wow your wedding guests with the hottest hair-accessories. Hair accessory trends for 2009 are:

1. Hair Vines ? A great alternative to a tiara, a hair vine can be worn at the front, side or back and can be woven into or around your up-do or out-do.
2. Vintage ? Box Veils and face veils. Think finger curls and feather combs.
3. Pearls ? The classic pearl is back, and don?t just think it can be worn around your neck. Try individual pearls scattered throughout your hair or a Pearl Comb or Headband for that classic glamour.

How to choose Wedding Hair Accessories
Article by Helena Dinnissen of Charis Jewellery & Accessories

Hair accessories and wedding beauty.

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