Biggest wedding regrets 2016


The top ten regrets


“My biggest wedding regret was having a family friend take photos instead of hiring a photographer. She had a lot of heart, but the pictures were really disappointing.”

“OMG I DID NOT GET A PICTURE WITH MY MOTHER. We were LITERALLY together ALL DAY and we do not have a posed photograph that is just the two of us!”
“My biggest regret is not getting a professional picture of just me and my sister. I have one with my whole family and with my sister and my friend/officiant, but not one of just me and my sister.”

“Not booking the photographer for the whole night. We booked our photographer for five hours, but I wish we would have sprung for seven or eight. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I would have liked to have photos of the reception food, speeches, the favors I worked my ass off on and have literally no pictures of it.”

“My only true and lasting regret: not spending more money to hire a competent photographer, period!”

Tip 1 : Do your homework, choose your photographer 8 to 12 months in advance, but negotiate the hours and cost so that it suits your day.

Tip 2 : Show your photographer some sample pictures that you like. You don’t need an exhaustive picture list, just talk to your photographer about what’s important to you. This give your photographer creative freedom to do the best on the day.


“Having a family member make my cake is my wedding regret. While she was a trained pastry chef and the cake was delicious, it just didn’t have a great presence.”

“Trying to save money – We hired an inexperienced baker and wound up with a cake that was entirely too small for my 300+ guests. It was not only too small; it was awful! Dry, bland, and gritty. Word to the wise, don’t skimp on the cake budget. Go with a baker who knows what they are doing. It’s worth every penny!”

tip : Get recommendations or ask to see testimonials from prospective vendors. Get writen confirmation of exactly what’s included

The wedding dress

“I regret choosing a dress too early. I didn’t have the money to buy a new one, but I didn’t like the style a year later.”

“My biggest wedding regret is being too cheap to get my dress bustled! I dragged it around all night and tripped over it way too many times.”

“Not make my dress quite so tight. Just because the waist can be tighter doesn’t mean it should be.”

tip : start your shopping early, confirm timelines in writing for delivery and dates of alterations before making the purchase.

The venue

“I didn’t lock in a venue before the other details — like my dress!”
“Leaving the vebue booking too late and couldn’t get the place i wanted”

tip : prioritise your vendors – 1 – Venue hire (12 to 18 months in advance), 2 – photographer/videographer, 3 – dress, 4 – flowers/cake and invitations.

Wedding photography

For photography without regrets contact PaulMichaels


Wedding photography worth shouting about.

Bridal party

“My biggest wedding regret was having eight bridesmaids and nine groomsmen. My bachelorette party was a drama-filled disaster. We were late to our own reception because two bridal party members wandered off between the wedding and the reception and were nowhere to be found.”

“I regret having three bridesmaids because I thought that is what I “should” do rather than what I really wanted. My sisters were always going to be bridesmaids, and they were wonderful. But I chose my third bridesmaid too quickly and, in the end, she wasn’t the best choice as she didn’t really understand what it meant to be a bridesmaid”

“My biggest wedding regret is choosing a bridesmaid who turned out to not really be there for me on my wedding day.”

tip : choose the people you really want in bridal party, you can still make a fuss over a special friend or relative even if they aren’t a bridesmaid or groomsmen.


“I regret not hiring a professional videographer. There were so many funny, sentimental, thoughtful, surprising, best-day-of-our-life moments that I wish were captured on video.”

“Like most brides, I budgeted for photos, but not wedding video. Like 98 percent of brides who make that decision, I regretted not getting a wedding video.”

“A year later, I have one BIG HUGE GIGANTIC ENORMOUS regret, which is the videographer we hired. Instead of going with a friend’s recommendation (who we knew did a great job), we opted to save a couple hundred dollars and hire someone we found on the internet”

tip : If money is an issue try looking for a “highlights” package, this is a condensed video of about 10 minutes and won’t break the bank.


“I was so worried about doing things the way our parents wanted them done that I didn’t speak up and really explain the things that were important to me. I ended up with a beautiful wedding that didn’t feel authentic to me. Looking back, I wish our wedding reflected mine and my husband’s personalities and not our parents’.”

“My biggest regret was not talking to all of our guests. I felt really guilty about it while writing thank you cards a month later.”

“My regret is forgoing the traditional mother/son dance, because we couldn’t have a father/daughter dance.”

“My regrets immediately after the wedding were guest related. I felt like I barely got to spend time talking to anyone as long as I wanted to. We had about 100 guests, and many of those were from out of town or overseas, so in everyday life I dont get to see them that often.”


“Although it was written on the envelope, we had numerous people add on significant others we didn’t even know existed and children that we’ve never met before. My parents wouldn’t let us un-invite them because they thought this was rude.”

Hair and makeup

“do a trial run – I definitely would have done my hair differently and had it done somewhere else.”

“I didn’t want to leave the dance floor to fuss with my hair and makeup, but looking back at pictures, like my cake cutting, I wished I had primped more.”

Dj and entertainment

“I would have hired a different DJ who didn’t play ‘It’s Raining Men’ and ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ at my wedding. And one that didn’t bugger up both first dance songs by not playing the right music/having the right music. Alexandra Stan for a father daughter dance? Apparently yes.”

“Hire a better DJ/MC: My DJ was absolutely AWFUL. My Pakistani wedding didn’t have any dancing, so truly, I didn’t really need a DJ.”

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