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Tips for choosing your wedding shoes

The Brides Shoes

Who doesn’t love shopping for shoes and wedding shoes are no different.

There are many styles of wedding shoes, so let’s make sure you pick the right ones!

Comfort first
If you are like most women, on more than one occasion, you have worn a pair of cute strappy heels and hours later, with your feet aching you wonder if those shoes were really worth the pain!

The perfect wedding shoes will need to be many things, but mostly, they must be comfortable. You’ll be walking down the aisle, posing for photographs, greeting attendants, cutting the cake, and possibly dancing in your bridal shoes. So be sure, above all else, that you choose shoes that are comfortable on your feet.

You do not have to forfeit style for comfort. The trick is to find shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.

The heel height of your wedding shoes is of utmost importance and if you’re not comfortable in really high heels, your wedding may not be the best time to try them out.

If you do buy heels, break them in. Do not wait until your wedding day to wear them for an extended period of time. Breaking them in before hand will ensure comfort on your wedding day. And, of course, if you prefer a flat, satin ballet slippers make beautiful bridal shoes.

Coordinating with the wedding dress
Its best to buy your shoes near the same time as your dress, to make matching colours and styles easier.

Take into consideration the embellishments on your wedding dress. For example, rhinestone or crystals on your shoes will go well with bejewelled or shiny, sequined dresses; while beaded shoes will work nicely with pearled dresses.

All whites are not all created equal. When choosing your wedding shoes, be sure to take a sample of fabric from your wedding dress shop.

Your final adjustments on your dress will need to take into account your shoes and the size of your heals.

Fabric Choices
Silk or satin are traditionally the two most popular choices for wedding shoes, but your wedding dress and personal taste should have the greatest impact on the shoes you choose. Satin shoes work great with shiny fabrics, while crepe shoes would be smashing for dresses with a matte sheen. If your wedding dress is lace, of course, lacy shoes would be a perfect choice.

Wedding Shoes Tips
1. If you dress like most is floor length, your shoes will be rarely seen, so if you’re on a budget, consider making a saving here rather than the dress.
2. Consider a change of shoes. Many brides opt to wear a more comfortable pair of shoes at their receptions.
3. And lastly ? don?t forget when looking for shoes – keep your groom in mind! Try not to buy shoes that will leave you towering over him at the altar.

Choosing wedding shoes

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