Cake essentials

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Hearts and flowers cake.
Interesting designed layered cake.
Grand cake at wedding reception.

Cake Essentials

Are wedding cakes an essential part of the day, “yes and no”? Traditionally guests expect a slice of the action, but if you are on a tight budget then remember that elaborately designed wedding cakes filled with rich ingredients can take a huge slice out of your bank account. If the wedding cake is to grace the table as a centre piece, then bear in mind that cheap wedding cakes can be just as tasty as an expensive one.

The wedding cake aside from the blushing bride herself will attract a lot of attention, especially for those just attending the reception. You can save a lot of money by baking the wedding cake yourself or ask a friend. Your friend can donate her time baking as a wedding special gift. Do the maths on how much cake you need for the number of guests and if you want a more impressive multi tiered caked than you need to feed your guest consider a “fake” tier – most wedding cakes displayed in shop windows are not the real thing, many are card board cut outs.

Wedding cake essentials.

Wedding cakes and decorations, cake toppers and interesting cake designs

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