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Wedding cakes


Your wedding cake can be a significant focal point at your wedding reception as well as a delicious dessert.

Wedding Cake

Choosing your Wedding Cake Style

As the centerpiece of your reception, your cake should represent the theme of your wedding . Things you might like to think about is the style, shape, color and adornments. Browse through cake books & Magazines to add to your collection of photographs of cakes that inspire you or even make it personnel to you. Things you may want to consider is the season’s climate or reception location when making your chosen selection. Fondant icing would be a preferable chose if the reception is held outdoors in summer. Buttercream doesn’t keep well in heat or humidity and you don’t want your work of art spoilt.

Wedding Cake

Factor the costs

Cake cost is based per slice and is determined by how complex the overall design. As a result, there are 2 easy ways to keep your cake within budget.

Wedding Cake The first tip is to choose a more simple design with minimal adornments. Fresh fruit and flowers are the cheapest, while handmade gumpaste or sugarpaste decorations are more expensive.

If you have your heart set on an intricate design you saw in a magazine, don’t worry that the associated cost will break your budget. Many brides opt for a smaller, intricately designed cake to showcase at their wedding, while simple sheet cakes are held in the kitchen to be served to guests.

Best advice is to shop around and get a few quotes, but remember some may charge extra for shipping your confection. Some venues also charge a cake cutting fee.

Wedding Cake

Cake Display

Cake Display: Traditionally the wedding cake is displayed on a small decorated table in front of the bridal table which can complement the theme of the wedding either with flowers or even have champagne & glasses ready to begin the celebrations.



Cake Cutting

The cake is traditionally cut between the speeches and bridal waltz, following the receptions main meal.Cutting the Cake

Normally an engraved knife is ready for bride & groom to slice the first piece of cake together with hands overlapping normally with their right hand. The wedding cake should be cut together by the couple with their right hand overlapping. The cake is then taken away to be cut by the catering staff and placed in boxes or served with coffee.


The tier that you save for your first anniversary or first child’s christening needs to be fruitcake, otherwise it won’t keep. To store, place the cake in the box, then in a plastic container and freeze it. Another way is to wrap the cake in layers of baking paper, then foil, then place in a plastic container before freezing. When your anniversary arrives, take the cake out of the freezer a week before eating so that it thaws slowly.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes and decorations, cake toppers and interesting cake designs

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