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Flowers, bouquets and corsages guides


Flowers bring color, life, and aroma to a wedding. They help make table settings more beautiful, and can transform a formerly dull space into a beautiful personality-filled one. Yet they can also be confusing for a beginner, and a budget breaker for many.

Glow in the beauty of it all
Most of your wedding festivities take place at the reception. No matter how unattractive the reception room looks, you can transform it to celebrate your marriage by creating beautiful floral decorations. Use some of our ideas for really memorable reception. Once you’ve decided on the color scheme for your wedding, chosen the bridesmaids’ dresses, and determined the guest list, you’ll be ready to focus on the flowers for your party.

Bride and Bouquet

Because you’ll be so very busy as the wedding day arrives, it’s probably a good idea to engage the services of a professional floral designer to plan, prepare, install your reception flower arrangements. Before you talk to your florist, put together a list of wedding flowers you’ll need (see our sample list for a starting point). It will help focus your discussions, and help you stay within budget! Don’t forget to take in some pictures, which will make it easier to explain exactly what you want.

Big is Good
For a large reception room, choose a floral arrangement that is large or tall, fills the space, and will make a bold statement.

Save the Bouquets
Place an empty vase with water at each bridesmaid’s reception tablesetting. If their bouquets are hand-tied with free-hanging stems, they can use the vase to place the bouquet during the reception. If the bouquets are wrapped, keep the vases dry. Their table will look like they have extra arrangements.

Fruits of Your Labor
For strong colour, interesting texture, and a wonderful fragrance, use fruit to create an impressive centerpiece. Think of grapes for a wedding held at a winery, citrus fruits or apples tucked into flowers, or gilded or silver pears piled high for a winter celebration.

Potted Orchids
For a delicate, airy centerpiece for your reception tables, place an orchid plant in a footed urn or glass container in the center of the table. Cover the soil with green moss or river rocks.. When the party is over, offer a plant to a special guest at each table. The orchid plants will last a long time if properly cared for.

Wire together stems of flowers and greenery to create a swag to frame the dance floor, the doorways, or windows. With beautiful flowers to look at, your guests will not even see the ugly carpet.

Dress the Chair
To make the bride and groom feel special, decorate the backs of their reception chairs with flowers, ribbons, or swags. Keep the flowers on the outside of the chair back, and be sure that you select blooms that will not stain the clothing. You might even make these of silk or dried flowers that last. They can be brought out later for an anniversary or other special occasion.

The Wedding Cake and Knives
Many couples choose to have their wedding cake decorated with real flowers. Be sure they’re not toxic! Remember to have a floral nosegay made for the handles of the cake knife and server.

Flowers and wedding Toast

Bottoms Up
Decorate the bride’s and groom’s toasting flutes with a small nosegay of flowers and ribbons.

Strike Up the Band
Place large pots or urns with potted plants around the dance floor. Decorate an arch with flowers to define the dance area.

Time Out
Place a small arrangement, orchid plant, or planted basket in the restrooms near the reception area. Don’t forget the men! Depending on the location of your wedding reception, the degree of formality or casualness, and the time of day, you’ll have lots of options for decorating the space. Spend some time planning, and you’l have a beautiful day, wonderful photos, and happy memories of this “once in a lifetime” event. Enjoy!

Wedding Flowers and their colours
Traditionally the bridal bouquet was made up of white flowers to symbolise purity. In modern times brides will choose a bouquet that will compliment her wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses.

An All-White Bridal Bouquet
For a truly elegant and formal look, the bride’s bouquet can be done in all white flowers. Without any other colours to distract, all attention is on the bride at this special moment. White flowers such as roses and lilies come in many shades of white, from ivory, cream, or pale beige to a white with just at tint of pink. Choose flowers in shades of white that will compliment the colour scheme of the wedding, the reception, and the bridesmaids’ dresses.

A Rainbow of colours
Rich colours can really make a floral bouquet stand out and draw the eye. Choose colours that enhance the colour scheme of the wedding and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Select from the full spectrum of flower colours including soft pinks to deep, rich cranberry, delicate mauve to deep purple, butter yellow to bright rust, and blush pink to hot fuschia. Flowers in colours that match the dresses will look subtle, while contrasting tones will call attention to the flowers.

Buds Ready to Burst
Choose flower buds that look like oval berries for a wonderful compliment to fully opened blooms. On long stems and in clusters, they accent a bridal bouquet with their delicacy.

Hand-Tied Bouquets
For an elegant, custom look, have your bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets hand-tied. Wrap the stems to the bottom with complimentary ribbon or let the stems hang loose. If you’ll make the hand-tied bouquets yourself, have the flowers delivered with long stems. Keep the bouquet in water until needed, then clip off about 1″ at the end and dry off the stems so they don’t bleed on the gowns. If the wedding day is going to be long and hot, consider making two bridal bouquets, so that you’ll have a fresh one for photos.

Wedding flower posy

Make an Extra Bouquet for Tossing
If you won’t be able to part with your bouquet at the end of the day, plan ahead. Make up a small bouquet resembling the official bridal bouquet and use it on the guest book or gift table. At the end of the day, this will be the one that you toss.

Ring of Flowers for the Hair
A flower girl will look almost angelic with a delicate halo of flowers on her head. Bridesmaids, too, will love the special touch of a blossom or two tied into the hair.

For the Guys
Use similar flowers for the groom and groomsmen boutonnieres as you use for bridesmaids’ bouquets. The attendants will look like they belong together. If the bride carries an all-white bouquet, consider the same for the groom, such as a small boutonniere of stephanotis, gardenia, or white rose buds.

Wedding bouquet flowers

Don’t Forget Anyone!
It’s a wonderful and thoughtful touch to provide flowers for the people who are special in the lives of the bride and groom and those who have helped with all the planning for this special day. This includes parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters, and friend who gave showers. Ladies could be given a single long-stemmed rose with streamers, wrist corsage, or small arrangement to carry with a purse. Men can easily pin on a small boutonnieres. Just a simple token is sufficient and will be much appreciated.

Think of Your Guests
Use a collection of small vases arranged in the center of a table. Offer them as a keepsake to each guest at the end of the festivities.

Ceremony Flowers
Ceremony flowers may be used to personalize your ceremony site. They are usually beautiful bouquets of flowers that help to decorate the altar and/or podium, and often are brought to the reception site after the ceremony.

Traditionally, there are flower arrangements on either side of the alter. These tend to be on the larger side, so that they can be seen from afar.

If you’re having an outside wedding, you may want to consider renting a trellis. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many florists rent these and will decorate them with your wedding colours.

You may want to decorate the pews with a simple ribbon and flower arrangement. You may also use these to mark reserved seats for special guests.

Wedding Flowers

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