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Choosing your wedding flowers by your star sign

Your star sign flowers and colours

Each star sign has a flower or flower colour associated with it, so choosing flowers from your start sign is a great way to personalise your bouquet, here is our list of colours and flowers for your star sign.

Flowers : Azalea and gardenia
Colours : Electric blue, fluorescent colours, silver grey

Flowers : Lotus, water lily and white rose
Colours : Aquamarine, mauve, purple, sea green

Flowers : Blackthorn, carnation, fern, furze, gorse, gypsophilia, holly, poppy, red rose, thistle, wild olive and willow
Colours : All shades of red

Flowers :Blackthorn, cornflower, daisy, dandelion, forget-me-not, hawthorn, lily, rose, sweet smelling flowers, fruit, and willow
Colours : Blue, green, pink

Flowers : Airborne seeds, camomile, freesia, privet, tansy, yarrow, yellow iris, and yellow tulip
Colours : Violet, Dove grey, green, pale yellow, patterns, spots

Flowers : Cedar, hawthorn, heather, holly, jasmine, linden, rushes, watercress, water lily and white day lily
Colours : White, cream, pale shades

Flowers : Almond, apple blossom, chamomile, dandelion, holly, lavender, marigold, tiger lily and sunflower
Colours : Pale brownish, yellow, golden, yellow

Flowers : Almond, apple blossom, blackberry, daisy, grapevine, lavender, marguerite, Michaelmas daisy, privet, sage and wintergreen
Colours : Brown, grey, quiet colours, silver, indigo, purple

Flowers : Apple blossom, pansy, pink, primrose, rosebud, strawberry, sweet smelling flowers together, night blue, and violet
Colours : Black and white, pink and primary colours

Flowers : Black poppy, blackthorn, bramble, fuchsia, orchid and red rose
Colours : Black, charcoal grey hemlock, dark/blood red

Flowers : Dahlia, flame coloured gladioli, red carnation and reed
Colours : Beige, bronze, denim blue, purple

Flowers : Blackberry, black poppy, camellia, hemlock, magnolia and sweet Pea and wild fruit.
Colours : All shades of brown and orange, black.

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Star sign flowers for your wedding.

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