Engagement photography

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Engagement Photography

Why wait for your wedding day for beautiful, romantic photographs with your husband/wife to be ?

Your engagement marks the beginning of your live together and a perfect time to get some romantic pictures that capture the feelings you share. Its also great practice for your wedding day .You can also incorporate your engagement photos in your wedding invitations !

The key to getting some great pictures is finding that right photographer who can create a lifetime of memories through his/her camera.

Your photographer will be able to suggest locations and poses and its well worth spending some time discussing these things prior to the engagement shoot.

But don’t limit your options just to location shoots , why not try a more intimate photoshoot with your fiancé in a studio setting . Again , your photographer can suggest some ideas . Its really important that you feel comfortable with your photographer if you are thinking of going down this track. So make sure you do your research and talk to as many photographers a you feel like till you get the right one .

You should also spend some time thinking about the cloths you are going to wear – You don’t necessarily need to coordinate colours exactly, but be aware of colours that may clash when you and your fiancé are together in the pictures. So girls , do not ware that hot Pink top when he is waring he?s new Red shirt mom bought him for Christmas .

Choose something that reflects your personality , you don’t want people to ask what were you thinking when they see your photo’s !

But most important of all , make sure you have fun !
All Pictures courtesy of Paul Michaels Photography

Engagement photography.

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