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Promoting your wedding business can be difficult but if you follow these tips you’ll get the results you want.

Create a marketing plan

Creating a marketing plan will help you target who you want to talk to, how often, and through which channels. The best way to do this is to create a pretend client that you want to promote your business to, then think about the things they want, and what drives them to do the things they do. This will help you make major decisions about channels and frequency.

Create a brand identity

This is how you want your customers to perceive your business. Elements you have to think about when creating a brand identity are:
• The name you want for your business
• Your logo
• Whether or not you want a tag line, and what it will be
• Graphics and colour

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Create a website, and make sure it has a blog!

The internet is the first place people go to look for something, and blogs are an excellent way to reach new people, so make sure your business has an online presence. Creating a website is easy, but the things that you should think of when doing this are:
• What kind of tone is your business going to have? Romantic? Quirky? Edgey?
• What are the images and colours your business is going to adopt for its online brand?
• Who is your ideal customer?
• Is it going to have extras like an events calendar or a shop?
• How often are you going to blog?
• Will you have guest bloggers?
• How will you use SEO?
• How mobile-friendly is your site?
• Will you use paid ad services like Google AdWords or Facebook ads?

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Use social media

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are all excellent tools for building up a client base. By using these platforms to share news, photos, and articles, you’ll expand your readership and reach a wider client base. You can also use social media to publish reviews of vendors that you’ve worked with, which will prompt them to return the favour.

Exhibit at a wedding show

Wedding shows and wedding expos are great ways to meet your prospective clients and build relationships with them in person, as well as meet others in your field and build up a professional network. Wedding shows are great for giving away branded merchandise, business cards, and brochures to promote brand recall.

Build referrals

By doing things like sending clients anniversary cards and reaching out to vendors to build new relationships you’ll have other people keeping you top of mind when they talk to their friends about who to go to.

Request testimonials

Have your best customers write testimonials for you on why they chose you, and what you did to make them feel really and truly cared for.

Host an event

This is another great way to meet potential customers and vendors and improve your relationships with existing vendors and former customers.
And last, but most importantly,

Measure what works and what doesn’t work

Make sure that when someone uses your business that you find out how they heard about you. Measure how many people are engaging with your website and your social media channels, and which messages have worked the best. This way you’ll be able to see where best to spend your marketing time and energy.