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Transport choices

Every bride wants to arrive at her wedding in style, although everyones idea of style may not be the same. Luckily there are many different modes of transport to choose from and many companies who specialize in providing vehicles specially to whisk you to the church, not just on time, but with panache!

Your choice of transport for your big day will depend upon a number of things. You need to think about cost, how many people in your wedding party, whether you want to all arrive together, or whether each group should arrive separately; Bride in one car, bridesmaids in another etc. Then, of course, everyone needs to get to the reception. Don’t forget to take the weather into account. An open carriage in the rain may not be as much fun as you thought.

Here are some of the choices available to you.


Limousines come in all shapes and sizes these days, from the traditional Lincoln Towncar to bright, metallic pink stretch Hummers, the size of a bus. For most weddings, perhaps the former would be more appropriate, but hey, it’s your wedding, if the pink Hummer is what you want, go for it!

The advantages of renting a limo, are that they come with a professional driver, they have plenty of room inside for those beautiful gowns and they look great in the photos.

Horse Drawn Carriage

If you want to really make the fairy tale come true, then a horse drawn carriage is definitely for you. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this. There are though, some things to consider before choosing this mode of transport. The weather, of course, is the obvious one. An open carriage in the rain is bad news. In the snow it will look fabulous, but you will be freezing if you have to go far. Which brings me to the next point. If you have to go more than a mile or two to get to the wedding or the reception, this may not be the best option. One way around this may be to go by car for some of the way, then take the carriage for the last little bit.

Vintage Classic Cars

Renting a vintage car has many of the advantages of renting a limousine, with perhaps some added class. Favourites are the Classic Rolls Royce. Almost any year or model of Rolls will give you that touch of class which you seek for your wedding. There are many other makes and models of car which can look great and the choice is entirely yours. The owners of these cars usually take great pride in their vehicles and the only danger is that you may find yourself with some competition for the attention of at least some of your (dare I say male?) guests.

Whichever way you choose to arrive at your wedding, whether it be in a limo, a carriage or on a bicycle, make sure you have it your way and enjoy your big day.

Wedding transport – transport choices

Wedding transport choices.

From vintage to modern wedding transport.

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