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Wedding transport for every wedding

Many brides start off the wedding preparations by looking for that special dress and after perusing endless shops find the perfect dress, the first sigh of relief. The wedding preparations then move to finding the right reception venue, choosing the menu, sending out the invitations and so forth. Once you have your venue, it’s a good idea to organise the transport, with the reception and ceremony venue decisions made it’s easier to decide what type of transport will best suit the theme chosen or developed along the way.

Beach weddings limit the transport ideas somewhat, your car company is not going to want sand getting in their best Limo. However beach wedding are great outdoor options and the sense of freedom and fresh air. Arriving on a horse is depicts a romantic and breathtaking scenery. Some couples prefer to arrive on horse together, whilst others prefer the Bride to sit side saddle, the traditional lady like way of horse riding, with the Bride slowly arriving in romantic style. For the more vivacious couples who like more than the modest approach, arriving in a boat can also offer a stylish, yet extreme entrance.

Garden weddings offer a variety of options. The beauty of outdoors offer options whereby couples can choose to arrive in traditional cars, limousines or any other means of travel. Garden weddings however offer the perfect atmosphere for the couple to arrive in a horse drawn carriage. This type of entrance offers romance and a sense of historical tradition.

Church weddings typically cater for entrances whereby cars of limousines are used. Often, the bride’s grand entrance consists of her walking down the aisle. The bride’s mode of transport is often not seen by others, thus those who wan to lower the cost a little can do so on transport if having a church wedding.

There are an abundance of ideas when it comes to weddings and transport. Most couples want to arrive to their wedding in style, making that grand entrance. Choosing the right mode of transport entails ensuring that the transport complies with the location of your ceremony. Also, the transport and the type of entrance chosen should reflect who you are as a couple. Often we hear of ideas whereby coules have parachuted to their weddings, or arrived in speed boats, motorbikes and so forth. Whatever you chose, the entrance you make will most likely be remembered by all, and should reflect your personality and individualism.

Wedding transport – matching your wedding to your wedding transport

Wedding transport for every wedding

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