After the wedding checklist

A Checklist for after the wedding

Once the wedding is over there will still be a few loose ends to tie up. Some of these might have to be done by a friend or family member. Maybe your best man or mother of the bride can help out, as you may already be relaxing on a beach somewhere.

♥ Pre-arrange or delegate the return of all rentals such as hired suits, ceremony or reception decorations.
♥ The mother of the bride should take home any flower arrangements and distribute them as she sees fit. If you are having a post-wedding brunch, these can be used as table decorations; alternatively they can be given to members of the wedding party and close friends.
♥ Ask your bridesmaids or another family member to hang up your gown as soon as you take it off. They will need to get the dress, its train and veil professionally dry cleaned and boxed for you to store in a dry place. Get non-leather shoes cleaned professionally or carefully polish and buff leather shoes.
♥ If you wish to announce your wedding formally, organise a wedding announcement card with your stationer when you order the invitations and reception menus. Make sure they are addressed and stamped so a designated person can post them the day after the wedding.
♥ If you are sending slices of wedding cake and/or order of service sheets to people who could not attend, now is the time to do it. Be sure to keep track of who has been sent what.
♥ If you intend to preserve your bouquet, pop it in the freezer until you return from your honeymoon or ask a friend or relative to make the arrangements with your florist on your behalf.
♥ Write thank-you notes immediately upon your return from your honeymoon. If you are not leaving for your honeymoon for some time, write the thank-you notes as soon as possible.
♥ Return any faulty gifts.
♥ Keep in touch with your photographer, so you know when they will be ready, make arrangements for selecting canvas images or album designs.
♥ Set up a time with your videographer to view and pay for the video.
♥ Settle any outstanding accounts with suppliers.
♥ Make a will or revise an earlier one.

If you decide to change your name, make photocopies of your marriage certificate to supply as proof when you get your name changed on the following documents:

Driver’s license
Employer’s records
Bank accounts
IRD tax records
Credit cards
Mortgages and leases
Lawyer’s and accountant’s records
Any other legal contracts
Insurance policies
Trust documents
Medical and dental records
Retirement plans
Electoral role
Post office details
WINZ records

And don’t forget to tell your family and friends!

Wedding Checklist – after the wedding.

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