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Grand cake at wedding reception.

Cake essentials

Cake Essentials Are wedding cakes an essential part of the day, “yes and no”? Traditionally guests expect a slice of the action, but if you are on a tight budget then remember that elaborately designed wedding cakes filled with rich…
Pretty cup cakes.

Wedding cake decorating

Wedding cake decorating Decorating your own cake. Congratulations on making the brave decision to decorate your own wedding cake! However be careful not to take on more than you can chew! Weddings can be a stressful experience, so if you’re…
Flower decoration on a chocolate cake.

Chocolate cakes

Chocolate Cakes Everyone loves chocolate! Instead of the traditional white wedding cake, how about a rich, yummy chocolate cake instead. You don’t have to hide a flavored cake under plain white icing, not only can you have a chocolate cake,…
White wedding cake.

Wedding cakes

Wedding cakes   Your wedding cake can be a significant focal point at your wedding reception as well as a delicious dessert. Choosing your Wedding Cake Style As the centerpiece of your reception, your cake should represent the theme of…
Pink cup cakes on stand.

Wedding cake types

Wedding cake types White cake: The most traditional of wedding cakes, white icing with fruit cake, or an alternative with a sponge and flavored filling between the layers, like raspberry buttercream or apricot preserves. Chocolate cake: A real crowd pleaser!…
cake toppers at the expo.

Cake toppers

Cake toppers   Do you want to make your wedding cake really stand out? The wedding cake will be the table centerpiece and a major focal point of the wedding. Therefore it makes sense to spend a little extra time…
Cup cake display.

Cake stands

Cake stands The wedding cake always plays one of the most interesting and special parts of the wedding reception. The wedding cake should be placed in a prominent and focal position for all to see as the bride and groom…
Wedding cake display.

Cake shapes

Cake Shapes Traditionally, round and square creations are the most popular shapes of wedding cakes seen decorating the reception area over the years. However, there is a never-ending selection of cake colors, shapes, and detailing – as far as the…
Bride and groom wedding cake topper.

Cake extremes

Cake extremes Everyone loves the traditional three tier wedding cake with simple white frosting and the little bride and groom wedding cake topper. But how about some of these interesting custom wedding cake ideas. Creative and Custom Wedding Cake Toppers…

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Interesting designed layered cake.
Multi tiered wedding cake.
Many tiered square wedding cake.
Red rose wedding cake.
Grand 3 tiered cake.
Round tiered cake.