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Promoting your wedding business

[us_page_title align=”center”]Promoting your wedding business can be difficult but if you follow these tips you’ll get the results you want. Create a marketing plan Creating a marketing plan will help you target who you want to talk to, how often,…
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In the New Zealand mountains, winter wedding bridal portrait.

Winter weddings in New Zealand

Winter weddings It may get dark early in winter, but don’t let that scare you. Winter weddings can be a magical event, here are a few tips to make your wedding special. Getting caught in the rain is awful on…
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Wedding reception table layout.

Wedding traditions

Wedding traditions Introduction. Incorporating wedding traditions in your wedding day is a wonderful and fun way of celebrating and recognising the historical importance of marriage within a modern context. Listed below are many of the traditions that are still popular…
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Tropical island wedding.

Pacific Island wedding traditions

Wedding traditions What Pacific Island Weddings Encompass. Weddings are very special events in people’s lives. Weddings are colorful in many cultures and the same goes for the Pacific Islands, Samoa and Tonga. These two Pacific Islands have various views on…
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Indian bride before the wedding.

Indian wedding traditions

Wedding traditions Customs of Modern Indian Weddings in New Zealand. You cannot talk about an Indian wedding in New Zealand without talking about New Zealand’s biggest Indian wedding that took place earlier this year. This is the best and the…
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Chinese wedding traditions.

Chinese wedding traditions

Chinese traditions Chinese Traditions and Chinese Weddings in New Zealand. Traditional Chinese marriages are embedded in Chinese societal ceremonial rituals that involve pre-arranged agreements between two families. Romantic love was allowed within Chinese culture and monogamy was practiced. In a…
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wedding transport.

Winter weddings

Winter weddings Winter weddings. Speaking to any function venue, church, celebrant and wedding photographer and they will tell you that October to March can be the busiest time of the year. Why – Wedding season of course!! Well change is…
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Tropical island wedding.

Average temperature guide

NEW ZEALAND AVERAGE TEMPERATURE GUIDE The following temperatures are mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.   Spring Sep, Oct, Nov Summer Dec, Jan, Feb Autumn Mar, Apr, May Winter Jun, Jul, Aug Wellington High Low High…
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Wedding todo list planning.

Sunset and sunrise times

NEW ZEALAND SUNSET AND SUNRISE TIMES Date Auckland Wellington Christchurch Dunedin NZDT Rise Set Rise Set Rise Set Rise Set Jan 1 06:05 20:43 05:51 20:57 05:52 21:14 05:51 21:31 Jan 11 06:13 20:43 06:01 20:56 06:02 21:12 06:02 21:29…
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Floral display for wedding reception.

Maori wedding traditions

The History Prior to colonisation, Māori didn’t have a marriage ceremony for low-ranking iwi members as such, but hapū and whānau approval was required before two lovers were married. In some cases, taonga would be exchanged between whānau members from…
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Videography editing.

Wedding videographers

Wedding videographers Once upon a time, the Videographer was a wedding day nuisance and post wedding day disappointment. Big, bulky, equipment, lights, and cords on the wedding day; second or third generation VHS tape when you finally brought your video…
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Ever wondered why?

wedding flowers at the expo.

Wedding flowers and decorations.

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.
A silver sixpence in your shoe.
Carrying the bride over the threshold.
Why the bride stands on the left.
Why the third finger, left hand.

Find out in our guide to traditions article.

The meaning of “Wedlock”

Wed is from old English (wedd) and old Scottish (wad) both meaning to pledge. Lock is old English (lac) and means carrying out an action. Therefore, the meaning of wedlock originally meant pledging property to the bride’s father as payment for his daughter. Today, wedlock simply means the married state especially in the phrase born in wedlock or born out of wedlock, meaning a legitimate or illegitimate birth.

Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions and what they mean.

Chinese weddings in New Zealand
Indian Weddings in New Zealand
Maori Weddings in New Zealand
Pacific Island Weddings in New Zealand

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Winter Weddings ideas and tips for the winter blues.
Average Temperatures guide for New Zealand.
New Zealand Sunset and Sunrise times.
Wedding Videographers.

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Flower decorations and wedding displays.
Cup cake display.
Beautiful cake at the wedding show.
Flower decoration on a chocolate cake.
Multi tiered wedding cake.
Loverly wedding flowers.