Wedding stories

Wedding Stories

A collection of real life wedding stories, couples sharing the ups and downs of their preparations and wedding day. Interesting, funny and enjoyable letters from New Zealand and Australian brides.

Going to the chapel

Going to the chapel   On the morning I woke up and was so excited – I had the words from ‘Going to the Chapel and we’re going to get married’ in my head from my gorgeous bridesmaids singing it…

Miss bridzilla’s wedding

Miss bridzilla’s wedding   Well I guess it did and imp finally married! With a few things going wrong at the start of the week like my dad cutting his hand on Tuesday night and needing stitch’s everything turned out…

Mrs hamilton’s wedding story

Mrs hamilton’s wedding story   It’s taken me a while to get around to writing this, but I?ve just read another Bride?s story and it inspired me MY WEDDING STORY: I convinced my work to let me have the entire week off…

Rennee’s wedding story

Rennee’s wedding story   Well my time has come and gone just as quickly as you can say “I do” People told me that it would be over really quickly and now that it is and I look back over…

Angela’s wedding story

Angela’s wedding story   We had the most beautiful and amazing day & weekend of our lives – I can’t stop talking (and thinking) about it! On Thursday night two of my bridesmaids came over for dinner and to complete their…

Wedding story – nat and chris

Wedding story – nat and chris   Waking up on the 15th of July 2006 wasn’t like any other morning. Opening my eyes, the reality of my wedding day was distant in my mind. This didn’t mean I wasn’t excited,…

Our wedding by renza

Our wedding by renza   Well, we did it… it comes and goes faster than Christmas. We had an absolute ball of a day. My day started at the hair dressers at 9am and we cracked the first bottle of bubbles at…

Ruby brierley tied the knot!

Ruby brierley tied the knot!   I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 months since our wedding – we had an absolutely fantastic day. The week before the wedding went in such a rush – I collected my dress on Tuesday,…

Suhashini’s wedding story

Suhashini’s wedding story   I was one of the many September 23rd brides, and can finally write my story! I should start with the day before. On the Friday (22nd), I still had heaps to do – flower decorations for the…

Wedding story – hillbilly girl

Wedding story – hillbilly girl   Well the two days before our wedding, I finished work and I was glad to – my mind was wandering! DH finished the Friday before so I had my spray tan and waxing on…

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