Wedding story – hillbilly girl


Wedding story – hillbilly girl


Well the two days before our wedding, I finished work and I was glad to – my mind was wandering! DH finished the Friday before so I had my spray tan and waxing on the Thursday, DH had a manicure (he loved it!) on Friday, and I had my gel nails put on Friday too 

9 year old came home from camp on the Friday so it was a busy day! We unpacked and washed and packed for all of us, and moved things around for interstate visitors that DH INSISTED stay with us (I was staying at a hotel with my BM’s thank goodness!) 

Saturday we finished off the shopping (last minute stuff), had an early rehearsal (the chapel was freezing!!!) and my BIL took both my boys to a car show which was a great idea! I was planning on leaving our place about 7pm to meet the BM’s at the hotel but I was about to leave when the DJ rang to say he didn’t have a couple of our songs – argh!! So I burnt a CD for him and gave it to DH with the list of things for the big day to take to the venue 

I finally arrived at the hotel to find BM 2 had checked in and gotten the key, but had disappeared???? BM 1 and I arrived at the same time and frantically rang BM 2 – her hubby (who was dropping her off was sick and drove to a nearby servo to throw up coz he didn’t want to spoil our toilet!!!) We were laughing soon about it thank goodness! DH dropped my boys stuff at my BIL and I said goodbye as his fiance at about 9pm 

Our room was great – big queen sized bed and 2 singles for the girls, although they were both scaredy cats about being so close to the main road and all the noise!!! PFT!! We watched my BM 1’s wedding video and had a giggle and a drink together. We went to bed at 12 after putting our clocks forward for daylight saving and I drifted off to sleep about 1 I think 

I woke to BM 1’s cousin (our hairdresser) arriving very early (about an hour!!) which was fine – she had a fair way to come and didn’t want to get lost!!! We had breaky in our room – I couldn’t eat much but DH had sms’d me 230 when he went to bed! I worried about how little sleep he’d had, but he’d have to cope! We all had showers without wetting our hair (apart from BM 2 who INSISTED on washing but not conditioning hers) and everything went smoothly – we had some boppy music on. MIL arrived to have her hair blow dried and then came back 2 hours later with food!! The flowers arrived about 1030 and they were amazing! 

Then my SIL who was doing my makeup and bringing my boys arrived My boys were amazing – they both got dressed without fuss, rang to the ATM next door to get $$ for me, got us cups of tea, and 15 year old kept giving me shoulder rubs The photographer arrived at about 115 and we called Father In-law to come and re-do the boys ties – they weren’t happy with them and I can’t tie a tie!! We all made sure we ate and I got my things together so the hotel staff could move my things to our bridal room. 

The day went SO fast up to then – I couldn’t believe it was nearly 3 o clock when we walked out the room! The sun had come out and it was a gorgeous day – I knew DH would choose an outdoor ceremony! 

It didn’t take long for us to get to the venue – about 10 minutes, but we all loved the limo and 9 year old even opened the limo door for me Very cute 

15 year old kept asking was I ok and I told him if he asked me one more time, I’d cry so he stopped!!! 

I was so calm still – I only got nervous when we drove past the venue and saw everyone outside! 

I was very grateful for the advice of wearing a veil – I felt “safer”! 

BM’s walked down first then my 15 year old on the right and 9 year old on my left – they were fantastic! DH had tears as I got closer to him and it all went so fast – I realised that I had forgotten to tell the boys about the candle lighting, but they did great! It was over quickly and the celebrant did a great job – the sun was getting hot by then so DH and I were grateful for the pergola to sign the registry in – 9 year old was wrapped we played his favourite song about a young boy and his step dad 

The music went well, the photos went well, we loved having our little bridal room with just the bridal party in it as an “escape hatch” – DH just kept saying “look at the boobies” PMSL!!!! I couldn’t stop smiling 

We did our speech together and it went well – my eldest cousin from QLD spoke on behalf of my family and her words made me cry in a wonderful way…..DH’s dad spoke about DH “wandering aimlessly” till he met me!!! 

I was pleased to see so many people come from so far away to enjoy our special day – I even got a dance with my 9 year old, which he had been saying was a big “no” in the weeks leading up to the wedding! The food was great (not that I ate much!) but the disappointment of 11 people not turning up had left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth – 4 of them had valid excuses – the rest?? I haven’t spoken to *shrug* 

I threw my bouquet and a friend from interstate (one of the ones who stayed with DH the night before) caught it and she was engaged about a month ago, and our Groomsman caught the garter (after DH pulled down my stocking!!! by mistake – yeah sure!!!) and he has been engaged about 3 months, so it was great fun Overall, we had a great day. 

I wish we could do it all again but without the $$

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