Suhashini’s wedding story


Suhashini’s wedding story


I was one of the many September 23rd brides, and can finally write my story! 

I should start with the day before. On the Friday (22nd), I still had heaps to do – flower decorations for the venue, picking up the cake, arranging the candybar etc. At around 1pm, I suddenly fell violently ill and had to lie down (when I wasn’t throwing up). I also realised my shoes didn’t fit properly (yes, the day before!), so rushed out to get a new pair. Boy was I lucky to find a nice pair of whites in my size (I’m a 4 but settled for a 5). My mum and aunt helped me with the flower arrangements and I managed to get the last doctor’s appointment at 9.30 pm where he dozed me up with anti nausea and anti diarrhoeal meds. 

Morning of the wedding, I woke up and my mum, my lovely bridesmaid and myself went to get our hair and makeup done before we got home just in time for the photographer to get some getting ready shots. Before we knew it, it was time to go to the venue. 

I had some alone time before it was time to walk down the aisle. My dad walked me down to kissing you by des’ree and James had tears in his eyes throughout the ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony; the celebrant did such a lovely job. We took pictures, and had some alone time in our bridal room with champers and canapes while the guests had their pre dinner drinks. 

We were introduced into the reception and the place looked absolutely beautiful, everything I had imagined and more. The food was lovely, ambience great, and company amazing. 

After dancing, and cutting our cake, we changed into our Indian bridal outfits near the end, before throwing the bouquet, and running into our limo. 

It was all over so quick, lucky for pictures and the video! 

The best part of the night was coming back to our house, where we talked for hours about the lovely day and how happy we are to be married. I cannot believe I’m a Mrs and I’m married to the love of my life. It’s an amazing feeling!

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