Ruby brierley tied the knot!


Ruby brierley tied the knot!


I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 months since our wedding – we had an absolutely fantastic day. 

The week before the wedding went in such a rush – I collected my dress on Tuesday, had hair and beauty appointments every day that week and spent hours putting together favours (our infamous show bags) and lots of little ‘details’ for the wedding. 

My dress had been stored at my grandparent’s house…on the Thursday before the wedding, we were woken by a phone call at 5 in the morning – the house behind my grandparents was on fire and while they were fine, they’d been evacuated. My parents set off to collect them and just as I was falling back to sleep, I suddenly thought “MY DRESS!!!!!” My sister and I jumped straight into the car and raced to my grandparents – after a quick check to see they were ok, I went straight to my dress and luckily it was fine – the wind was blowing away from the house so there was no smoke damage – it was as lovely as ever. 

We had the rehearsal the day before the wedding which was really nice – my sister (who vowed and declared she wouldn’t cry) was in tears – as were the other bridesmaids – it was really lovely. My wonderful friend and her FH arrived from the UK – with my flowers that she had put together – virtually as soon as she stepped off the plane. I really can’t tell you how absolutely stunning the flowers were. One of my wonderful BMs also gave me a scrapbook she had made – it had every email we’d sent in the year since we were engaged to the wedding. She included everything – the engagement and wedding invitations, little pics from emails I’d sent her, the photographs of my engagement ring from the jeweller’s website, little quotes about friends and love – even a ‘Good Wife Guide’ from the early 1950s! It is so beautiful – I’m so lucky to have a wonderful friend like her. 

I had a very restless night and woke up early. The evening before, a cloud of smoke had moved in and blanketed the town (even though the fires were around 5 hours away). When I went for a walk that morning – the smoke had only slightly cleared but luckily, it wasn’t as hot as it could have been – although it was still nearly 40 degrees. 

I pottered around at my parent’s house until it was time to head to the hairdresser’s at 9 o’clock. One of my gorgeous bridesmaids (now my SIL!) had made a CD for us to listen to at the hairdresser – it was fab – full of really appropriate songs about DH and I – it started with “Going To The Chapel” so it really set the mood! Another of my BMs also gave us a lovely silver pen, engraved with our wedding date to sign the register – we plan to use it for all our special occasions. 

We had a fairly laid back morning – I sat and chatted to our photographer and videographer for nearly an hour before we were all back at the house to get ready. Then time just flew. All of a sudden the girls were dressed, I stepped into my gown and then I hopped into the car with my dad. We headed up to the Town Hall – only a 2 minute ride – but I couldn’t get there quickly enough! 

It was overwhelming seeing our bridal party gathered at the door (the GMs walked the BMs down the aisle – DH’s dad stood with him until they joined him), waiting to walk down ahead of Dad and I…I really struggled to not cry…and then Dad and I walked down to DH – I was smiling and crying at the same time. Our music – Just The Way You Are by Milky was so happy and uplifting, it was wonderful. 

Our ceremony went really quickly – much quicker than I anticipated. I cried during our vows – I had to stop and ask DH for a hanky as I didn’t want to sniff my way through the rest of the ceremony. I glanced quickly at our friends and family and saw my mum and dad with tears running down their face – they are absolutely not “cryers” so that was really touching. There were a few laughs – DH dropping all the rings (there were 4!) was one of the highlights! After two gorgeous readings and a couple of signatures, we were pronounced husband and wife – and after 2 hours of photos, we returned to the hall for the reception. 

My fabulous caterer and her staff set up the hall exactly as I had requested – we had subtle lighting and there was a wonderful atmosphere. 

The lolly buffet went down a storm – as did the fake moustaches and plastic nose and glasses in the men’s favours. As DH and I were announced and walked in, I saw so many guests wearing the fake moustaches – it was hilarious. We went straight into our bridal waltz (which I highly recommend) – Heaven’s In The Backseat Of My Cadillac – and had the whole room up clapping and cheering. It was just fantastic. Then my dad and I did a very ‘energetic’ dance to a Beatles song – that was great. 

The food was wonderful (even though I virtually didn’t eat!), the music great (so many compliments about the music! – lots of Marvin Gaye, Blues Brothers, Sam and Dave, Curtis Mayfield etc), I danced and talked all night and really had the most wonderful night of my life. 

It was so overwhelming having everyone that we loved in one room, celebrating our life together. All our friends and family did everything they could to help us – from driving the wedding cars, controlling the ceremony music, being ushers – everything. I’m so glad we were able to share that with everyone. 

The most wonderful (and frequent) comment was that the wedding was totally about us – the readings, the theme, the colours, the music, the decoration – it was all a reflection of DH and my life together. It really was amazing! We had lots of people tell us it was the best wedding they’d ever been to and after all the hard work we put it in, it was really appreciated.

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