Our wedding by renza


Our wedding by renza


Well, we did it… it comes and goes faster than Christmas. 

We had an absolute ball of a day. 

My day started at the hair dressers at 9am and we cracked the first bottle of bubbles at 9.30am. We had heaps of fun getting our hair done and gossiping etc etc. My sister made me cry when she told me that my brother was going to do the Haka for me as I walk down the isle. I had been hoping that this would happen and of course my sister wasn’t meant to say anything but I’m so glad that she did, otherwise I would have been a mess for the ceremony. 

Then back to the hotel at 12.30pm to get our make up done and have some lunch… by this stage we are on to our 4th bottle We had a few friends from NZ pop in for a drink, my sisters friend who is like a sister, her hubby and my sisters hubby (aka Roberto the photographer) 

The flowers were delivered at about 3pm and I was so rapped with them. They were EXACTLY what I had wanted and looked so hot against the black dresses that the BM’s were wearing. 

Dad arrived while I was getting my gears on and then I lost it again. A few more drinks and some photos and we were off in the limo. Was cool arriving and seeing SIL’s, Step Ma and BIL waiting for us with cameras and video cameras, but they ended up making me later than anticipated, but no drama. 

The girls walked down the isle to Oughta Be In Love by Dave Dobbyn and as soon as my little 14 year old bro saw me, the Haka started and everyone almost sh*t themselves because they weren’t expecting it. He did an awesome job of it too. 

Hubby was as white as a ghost and people have commented that they have never seen him lost for words. He was holding on to the railing for dear life, it was so cute. We both managed to keep it together for the ceremony, although hubby came so close to losing it. It’s amazing what weddings actually do to people. 

Signing the certificate, more bubbles, photos etc etc Then time for the reception. now that I am starting to relax a bit, the bubbles I’ve had throughout the day have started to kick in. 

Before you know it, it’s all over. The DJ was pretty crap too and they didn’t really play any of the music that I had asked them to play. I had to go and tell him that we wanted to cut the cake and do the first dance because dinner had been over for about 30mins and everyone was just sitting around. 

Anyway. All the guests that we have spoken too had an absolute ball. They have never been to a wedding like that before and want us to do it all again because they had so much fun. It was one big party. Am happy to have another party, but one wedding is plenty for us 

Good luck to everyone else out there still to have their day. Make sure you make the most of it and enjoy every minute. 

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