Wedding story – nat and chris

Wedding story – nat and chris


Waking up on the 15th of July 2006 wasn’t like any other morning. Opening my eyes, the reality of my wedding day was distant in my mind. This didn’t mean I wasn’t excited, it honestly just felt like I was dreaming. 

I picked up the girls and headed to the hairdressers. 2 1/2 hours later, everybody looked totally amazing. I remember being calm and relaxed, it still hadn’t hit home. I remember thinking at this point that they would be at Chris’ now, taking photos of the groomsmen. 

I got ready at my uncle’s house. My parents now living in Adelaide and I living with Chris parents meant that I couldn’t dress at home. I arrived early and remember turning to my bridesmaid and saying “this isn’t normal is it? I’m not supposed to be this organized am I?” It gave me a minute to sit, but I wasn’t nervous, I felt like every body part was smiling. I felt warm, which was ironic considering I could hear the rain pelting down outside. 

So I put on my dress and stood back. My mother had actually found it as a picture in a UK magazine, the very same day I had phoned her and said, “Mum, I think I found the Bridesmaid dresses.” I remember her saying to me, “that’s funny Nat; I think I have found yours!” I was made from that very picture. My dress was fitted with a slight fish tail and tiny train, made entirely of imported lace. It had a sweetheart neck line and bolero to match. They only way I know to describe the colour is a champagne/mushroom tone. I had no veil and wore my long hair down. My wedding had a vintage theme; the dress set this off perfectly. 

As I stepped into the car with my father I remember thinking, I could cry, but I won’t! The ride in the car with my father was very special, but little did I know the stresses on his mind – my grandfather had been admitted to hospital. So as we drove there, oblivious to me, my father was dealing with a major situation. Arriving at the church I still I had no nerves, just happiness. I stepped out of the white 54 Chevrolet and into the foyer, where I waited. It was the strangest feeling. I expected to be emotional, as usually I cry for the tiniest reason, but not today. All I remember feeling was total happiness, like I was smiling from the inside out. I was beaming, and I couldn’t stop! I could see Chris inside; he looked nervous but very handsome in his light brown suit. I knew he was not nervous to marry me; he just doesn’t like being the centre of attention. 

My father married us at our first ceremony and after this; we went to St Catherine’s Greek Church, for a second ceremony. We then went to the city for some photos, and the rain managed to ease to allow us to get some great shots outside. My bridal party looked amazing (well I though so anyway!). 

Our wedding day was 11 degrees and raining. I wasn’t upset. It didn’t matter. It made it unique and romantic. We had our reception at Sumac. The warmth created by the Moroccan furnishings couldn’t have been more appropriate. Once inside, the cosy atmosphere erased any cold feelings of the outside temperature. The glow in the room, created by candlelight (& centrepieces with waterproof lights, which I imported from America… the things brides do huh?!) completed this. We had a wonderful time, enjoying our guests company with amazing food and entertainment. Tunes of smooth jazz smooched across the room, until it was time to stir up the dance floor with Greek dancing. We partied for what seemed like 5 minutes before it was time for us to say goodbye, leaving with a trail of fireworks in the Melbourne skies organized by one of the groomsmen. This was certainly the best day of our lives. The ‘smiling feeling’ is still very much alive inside; it’s the feeling of happiness, love and excitement of our lives together. 

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