Angela’s wedding story

Angela’s wedding story


We had the most beautiful and amazing day & weekend of our lives – I can’t stop talking (and thinking) about it! 

On Thursday night two of my bridesmaids came over for dinner and to complete their “ribbon duty” – finish off the Bon-Favs, menu list and rose petal cones. Cameron cooked us all the most amazing dinner and we had such a lovely time finishing the last minute touches. It was at this moment when it actually hit me that the wedding was about to happen and that Cam & I would be husband and wife in no time. 

Friday morning my bridesmaids & I set off for Toowoomba with much anticipation. We spent most of the day pampering and preparing ourselves – nail appointment, hair trial, make-up trial, lingerie shopping and a massage. I was really starting to get excited and by the time I was due to have a massage (which I was really looking forward to!) I could not lie still. I simply couldn’t relax – I was far too excited! About 10 minutes in I asked the masseuse to stop – I honestly couldn’t stand it! 

Friday night the wedding party and our parents went out for dinner – we had the loveliest time – Everyone was so excited about the next day and our table was really buzzing. We went to the church later and had our ceremony rehearsal, which was a tonne of fun. My dad got quite emotional when we practiced walking down the aisle – which made me very emotional. We decorated the pews and Cam’s mum assembled the most amazing floral arrangements for the church and the reception – they were truly breathtaking. 

We all parted ways at around 11pm – but Cam whisked me away for a stroll through the streets before returning me to the hotel where we girls were all staying. He gave me a sneak peak at our wedding bands (he only picked them up that morning!) – and again I had a little teary session – they were beautiful and hit home to me even more then that finally, we were marrying! Cameron had also written me the most beautiful letter and poem which he gave to me in an envelope but told me not to open until the morning. When I finally got to read it, again, I cried and cried – he had really captured succinctly how special our relationship is and how excited he was that I would soon be his wife. 

When I got to the hotel I could not settle down – I kept thinking about the next day and all that we needed to do. My bridesmaid suggested I wrote a list down of the all the things to do and once I did this and finished it, I was so tired and ready to sleep – It was like I needed to get it all out of my mind before I could rest. 

The next morning, I woke early – at 5:30am – and instantly thought “I’m getting married today!” I showered and had breakfast at the hotel – a really hearty breakfast – I knew I would be too jittery to eat anything for the rest of the day. I was a little disheartened as the weather was cold and quite overcast, and the infamous Toowoomba winds were out in force. I went to the restaurant and completed a few final touches – I know it seems silly – but the control freak in me HAD to make sure everything was perfect and ready to go. I was feeling rather overwhelmed by the masses of people around me – family and friends seemed to be popping in and out of the hotel room all the time. I decided to head up to the bridal suite early – I needed some time alone. It was so lovely when I got there – the room was quite (and huge!) I sat on the bed for about 20 minutes just taking it all in – I really treasured this short amount of time by myself. I showered again and in no time the girls and the hairdresser and make-up artist were there! The room again started buzzing as we all transformed ourselves. 

Our photographer arrived while I was still in my plain clothes – he took the most beautiful shots of all the girls getting ready – we hardly even know he was there. My make-up and hair was perfect – even better than I had imagined and SO much better than my trial. 

Our bouquets arrived and all of a sudden it was time to put my dress on – the girls were fabulous – they fussed and fussed over me until they were sure everything was perfect – I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe it – “I was a bride!” 

Moments later the phone rang – the cars were waiting downstairs and we were ready to go! 

The hotel and church were only 400m apart – and unusually (for me!) we were on time. We approached the church and saw that there were about 50 people still outside – so we drove around the block only to find that the same people were still outside. I took a closer look and saw that they weren’t invited guests – but all people that I knew from some stage of my life. I was so taken aback that these people came to see me – it was the nicest gesture. 

I was so calm – and at this point I realized that the weather was absolutely stunning – the wind had stopped, the clouds had disappeared and the sun was shining – DIVINE! We got out of the car and into the church and I felt like I was on the red carpet – cameras were flashing and flashing and flashing. 

I walked into the church to see Cameron at the altar – He took my breath away – he has never looked so handsome or excited. The ceremony went absolutely to plan – Cam’s aunt is our minister and she married us – and gave the most beautiful sermon – so honest, moving and personal. When Cameron lifted my veil (yup, in the end I DID wear a veil!) Cameron pulled me in and gave me the biggest Hollywood kiss – and everyone cheered! 

In no time it was over and we were outside greeting everyone – photos were taken, many, many hugs and kisses were given and received – I kept thinking – this is the happiest day of my life. So many people kept saying “You are the happiest bride we’ve ever seen!” We were whisked away in the wedding cars and had some beautiful photos taken at various locations. My beautiful mother had arranged champagne and beer for the bridal cars and we all celebrated together! It really calmed everyone down and pathed the way for some very candid and natural photos of us all. 

We arrived at the reception grounds where we were showered with love and rose petals by all our guests – we headed straight inside to our own private courtyard, and had a moment alone while all the other guests were seated inside. It was a special moment together. 

We were announced as Mr & Mrs and entered the room to cheering and more cheering. I was so taken aback by the room – it was truly glowing with love. The food was perfect – just as we expected – and all the personal touches and effort that we went to made the room look better than I could have ever expected. 

All the speeches were heartfelt and so special – my dad (who is an extremely shy man) delivered the most beautiful speech, full of love, happiness, pride and humour – he had the room in stitches and in tears. Cam’s dad also gave a wonderful speech – full of advice and also admiration. Cameron blew everyone away though – his speech was so very special and so well delivered. He had every woman in the room reaching for tissues – I was amazed, surprised and so very proud. 

This was followed by a photo slideshow of al l the photos taken during the day – and it was absolutely awe-inspiring – the photos exceeded my expectations beyond anything else! We looked so happy and in love – and we were! 

Our guests were delighted with our wedding cake – It looked fantastic and was made up of over 100 individual cakes and sugar roses – Cameron’ mum made the cakes and his aunt iced it – AMAZING! We followed this with our first dance – and our lessons really paid off – we salsa and cha cha’d our way through Michael Buble’s Save the Last Dance. This really set the mood for everyone else – everyone was willing to get up and wiggle! 

We actually boxed each cake and took them to every guest – it was so wonderful because we actually got to speak to everyone and thank them for their love and well wishes. 

So many of our guests were so happy – and so many commented that it was the best wedding they have ever been to – and that they couldn’t believe how much effort we had gone to. 

The rest of the night was full of dancing, dancing and more dancing – we just didn’t stop! All of a sudden it was over – our farewell circle was formed and we hugged and kissed everyone goodbye. We walked home (well to the hotel!) through the same streets we had walked 24 hours before – this time though – we were man and wife. 

My bridesmaids (who are all single!) rang me half and hour later to say I’d forgotten to throw my bouquet!! Oops! I was having so much fun I forgot about it!!! They are still claiming I’ve forced them all into permanent singlehood! 

And now, almost 24 hours after it all finished, as I sit here and listen to my husband and my parents in the next room laughing about all the things that happened during the day and how amazing it all was – and how much love there is between us all – I know that I have made the best decision of my life and that I have just done the most amazing thing – our wedding is now complete – but our life together is just beginning! 

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