Rennee’s wedding story

Rennee’s wedding story


Well my time has come and gone just as quickly as you can say “I do” People told me that it would be over really quickly and now that it is and I look back over the past 10 months of planning I can’t believe its already happened. 

I feel relieved, the planning was massive for me, I did most of it by myself and on top of that we brought and moved into our home only 2 weeks before the wedding so everything was happening at once. 

The day was the best day of my life – And I guess so it should be. The weatherman did a great job with perfect temperatures, no rain, no wind. Perfect! 

Everyone told me it would fly past – aint that the truth. 

The ceremony wasn’t until 5pm; I woke at 6:30 with my BM standing over me telling me to get up. We sat around most of the morning talking and at 9:00am I was like I can’t wait until 5pm what am I going to do, she replied ” don’t worry you will blink an eye lid and before you know it the ceremony will be over. 

She was right. Not a moment later the hair dresser arrived. And half way through the photographer arrived – it was already 3pm and I wasn’t even close to being dressed – where did the time go! 

An hour later I was quickly dressed and ready to head out the door. Dad told me we didn’t have to leave until 4:20, it was only 4pm and I didn’t care. I was set; I thought if I sat down I would start getting all emotional and nervous. Everyone was saying your so calm, and I was like I’m just not thinking about it. Dad couldn’t believe it really. 

I arrived at the ceremony of course 30 mins early – he he he he. I drove around for a bit then went down the celebrant said not all the guests had arrived. And I was told to go into the reception area and wait for a while. Dad was getting more nervous. 

Then it was time. Walking down the path (garden ceremony) I couldn’t get the smile off my face, the nerves set in, and the chin wobbles started – don’t cry I was telling myself I can’t ruin my make up! 

Made it to the celebrant and where I was to stand in front of my sexy soon to be husband – he picked his suit without me knowing and he sure out did himself beyond my wildest dreams. 

I couldn’t hear anything the celebrant was saying then came time for the vows. I was so over whelmed I found it hard to concentrate on what I was supposed to say. Thank god they were short. 

The ceremony finished, we had our photos – god I hope the turn out, got told how good I looked a million times which does wonders for the ego. 

The reception flew past. I swear I only chatted to people for like 5 mins each person then before I know it I was throwing the bouquet and being driven off to our B&B for the night. 

Gorgeous little B&B perfect!!! I didn’t want to take my wedding dress off. I stayed in it until 5:30 in the morning when I finally had to go to bed. I just wanted the day to last as long as possible. And I paid all that money for my dress I wanted to make the most of it. Loved my dress. 

Anyway here I sit today all packed and ready to start our honeymoon tomorrow morning. I just wanted to take 5 mines to reflect on the day. 

In Summary here are a few tips, best moments etc… 

1.) The day really does fly by 
2.) Photos do take a long time to organise especially when everyone wants to stand around in the way, very annoying and time consuming 
3.) Before the wedding my dress was just a dress I thought – oh I’m selling it, I look at it now and it’s the most precious thing I own, no way am I getting rid of it. 
4.) I wore flat sole shoes – best thing ever! My BM’s feet were killing them; I didn’t take my shoes off until 1 hour or after the wedding 
5.) Don’t worry about the guests – it’s your day if they don’t have fun its there own fault. 
6.) I didn’t think about the whole emotional side of things and I didn’t cry – when I here my wedding music and watch the video now I cry. 

Everything was perfect, everyone I spoke to had a ball. I have no regrets and I wouldn’t have done it any other way…. I just wish the day was longer so I had more memories to cherish and more time to talk to people. 

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