Mrs hamilton’s wedding story

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Mrs hamilton’s wedding story


It’s taken me a while to get around to writing this, but I?ve just read another Bride?s story and it inspired me 

I convinced my work to let me have the entire week off before my wedding, I had previously thought I wouldn’t need it – how wrong I was! The week off before hand was wonderful and just what I needed, I got lots done and suddenly it all felt real. 

The Friday before the wedding (May 5th) we had to set up the reception so my DH (FH at the time), MOB, MIL, FIL, BM and brother all came to help and boy did we need it! The place looked fantastic, we had 5 arm candelabras on each table, a mixture of hot pink and pale pink table runners, bonbonerie boxes with were place cards also…the place looked great. 

I said goodbye to Adam and went to my mums at about 5pm – it was actually sad to say goodbye. I said “See you at the alter” and all of a sudden it hit us – wow, it was really happening! He made me say goodbye to the cats which was more emotional than I had expected and then I was on my way. 

At mums was my aunty, cousin and 4 bridesmaids were on their way. I had organised a friend of mums (who studies massage therapy) to give us all massages. The girls arrived and we got massages and pizza followed by the 5 of us piling into my brothers bed to watch an old concert from our high school days where we all met – that was a special moment 

I woke up at about 7 and looked straight out to window to check for rain – NOTHING!!! It had rained all week in Melbourne so I wasn’t hoping for much, but for the first time in a while we could actually see blue sky, it was amazing! 

Hair and makeup arrived at 8 and it was full steam ahead. We were having issues with my hair dresser as she didn’t listen to anything the girls said and they all looked pretty average. Luckily the girls were all able to fix their hair once she left and they looked wonderful. My hair had been stressing me out for the past 12 months. It was the only thing that I couldn’t do myself and didn’t have control over and that wasn’t sitting well with me. I told her what I wanted and despite her saying “curls won?t hold in your hair” I made her do them and I must say they looked fantastic. It was 100% what I wanted, then she only put minimal makeup on like I requested and I felt 1million bucks, just like any bride should 

We were all ready about an hour before we had to leave so we all sat around eating cheese and crackers that my cousin had bought around for us. The time came to get in the cars and drive; I was still feeling really calm. It was bizarre, I wasn’t nervous or anxious, I was nothing really. Then we started driving to the church and it all started to hit me. People were all staring from their cars and waving and beeping – it was really fun. My gorgeous flower girl feel asleep in the front seat and the only thing keeping my page boy awake was the raspberry lollies the driver had for him. 

We arrived at the church and everyone was out the front – NOT HAPPY JAN! I wanted everyone inside so I could make the grand entrance so I sent my bridesmaids out to shuffle everyone in. As it turned out most people were just smoking and waiting to see the car arrive and they went in anyway. 

I stood with my dad waiting to walk down the aisle and we hid on the side so no one could see us. When my 4th bridesmaid started her long walk, we turned to face everyone….OH MY GOD….I almost fainted. There were so many people there, I?d say easily 200, and that was the first time that I felt teary. I could feel the tears starting to build-up behind my eyes, I knew I didn’t want to cry but I didn’t know how to stop it. Then it hit me…Make eye contact, so I did! I started to look at all my guests, they were all smiling so it made me smile, then I was laughing – before I knew it, dad was handing me over to Adam… 

I didn’t cry once…I as so proud of myself, I was just so happy and smiling I didn’t have time for tears! The first thing Adam said to me was “you’re so beautiful” and he said it over and over again followed by “I love your hair, I love your dress” I was on cloud 9!!! 

The ceremony was over before it began, it was so quick! About 20mins and we were done; it took almost that long to get out of the church as everyone wanted to chat. It was truly amazing. 

Outside we took photos and mingled a little. We then got in our cars and drove to parliament house and got more pics there, it was so much fun! We actually saw another girl wearing the same dress as I had bought for my 2nd dress (I ended up buying 3) and Adam said “her dress is horrible” that’s when I told him I had bought 3 dresses and that horrible one was almost the same as my second one. He finished with “thank god you changed it; I wouldn’t have been able to pretend I liked that…” Don’t you just love their honesty 

We headed back to the reception to meet our guests by 7pm – the rest of the night felt like it was over in a flash. The speeches were wonderful, my dad and MIL made me cry, and DH of course, they all said such beautiful things about me and I don’t take compliments too well so I was just a bubbling mess! 

The highlight of the entire day would have to be my song. I wrote a song for Adam, I introduced it at the end of speeches and we danced to it. I hired a musician to write the music for me and to teach me to sing it, it was the most beautiful thing I?ve ever done. Adam cried and since the wedding he’s heard it a couple of times (his mum can’t stop playing it!) and each time he hears it he says he wants to cry. He says it brings up all the emotions he felt on the night and it’s the most emotional song he’s ever heard. I’m not a singer at all, I?ve never done anything like it before but the musician wrote the music to suit my voice and it sounded amazing. It was the best gift I could ever wish to give anyone. 

We arrived at the Hilton at the Melbourne Airport at about 1am. We were flying to Vietnam the next day and had to be up at 5am to breakfast with the in-laws so we were going to be exhausted. It took ad about 30mins to work out how to get me out of my dress, then I went to bed and he had a spa – we’re so romantic! 

We’ve been married 5 weeks now and people always ask me “How’s married life?” My answer is “It’s the same as it’s always been, only now when I think about being married I feel all warm and fuzzy inside…” That’s the honest truth, I think I have found my place in life, and that’s by Adam?s side as his wife… 

Luv Mrs Hamilton. 

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