Miss bridzilla’s wedding

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Miss bridzilla’s wedding


Well I guess it did and imp finally married! With a few things going wrong at the start of the week like my dad cutting his hand on Tuesday night and needing stitch’s everything turned out perfectly on the wedding day. 

It all started pretty much on Thursday. All my bridesmaids and I went into town to get our nails done, eye brows waxed and eye lashes tinted during the day and that night we had my hen?s night which was fun! 
Friday was full on… We had to pick up bridesmaids dresses and my dress and take them to Toowoomba where we were getting ready. We also had to deliver everything to the reception for them to set it up. Every time I thought about my wedding I would cry I think everything was getting to me. 
Friday night my bridesmaids and I slept over at my mum and dads. I hardly got any sleep Friday night as I think I was excited and nervous all at once. 

SATURDAY 3rd March 

My wedding day at last…. 
I woke up at 4am and sat and spoke to my parents for awhile until every one else had woken. I kept thinking I was missing something until I realised that I had taken my veil and tiara and the flower girls tiaras into Toowoomba when I really needed them with me so I could take them to the hair dresser (was getting my hair done in Pittsworth which is half hour away from mums and toowoomba is an hour). I broke down and cried. 
We left my parents house at 7am for the half hour drive into Pittsworth to get our hair and make up done. Mum went into Toowoomba to get the tiaras and veil for me. I had fun at the hairdressers and every once in awhile I cried as I thought about getting married that afternoon. I just couldn’t help it. Lucky I had my eye lashes tinted. 
We left the hair dresses at 12pm and headed into Toowoomba. I had to get my car washed as it was to take one of my bridesmaids out to the ceremony. Luckily my matron of honour was driving as I think I nearly had a stress attack once I reached the car wash. There were about 5 cars in front of us! My MOH raced into ask one of the car washers if we could some how push in. But instead he put us through another car wash which they didn’t have anyone in and gave us a free car wash so I was happy once again. 
We reached the house where we were to get dressed and had some wine and relaxed for a bit. The videographer arrived and then everything was full on with all of us trying to get dressed and ready to leave. 
I was the first one to get dressed and stood out in the lounge room while my bridesmaids, flower girls and parents got dressed. I cried when I seen each of them as they all looked gorgeous. 
When we were about to leave at 2:30 my mum and dad had a surprise for me – A wedding charm bracelet. I cried even more. It was beautiful. 
We left a bit early but I just wanted to get there and get it over with. We were half way there when the first car stopped as we were early. I told them to keep going but they wouldn’t listen to me! 
I eventually found out the reason behind that was because James and his bridal party hadn’t arrived yet and were running late 
But I eventually got there! On the way their I kept saying that I need to go to the toilet! But once I got down the aisle the verge faded 
I don’t really remember everything at the ceremony except for James was crying which made me cry and that it was so hot. After that we had some photos in the garden where we got married and then left to go to out 2 locations. 
It was a lot of fun getting our photos taken but a bit hot too. 
We arrived at the reception 15 minutes late and then had to have mock photos their too so couldn’t let our guests in and they were getting cranky for being out on the hot veranda. The reception was beautiful. 

So that is my story. I had a very beautiful day but I don’t think I would do it again. It was too stressful. 
I am so glad to be married though and my day went to plan and the weather was perfect. 

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