Going to the chapel

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Going to the chapel


On the morning I woke up and was so excited – I had the words from ‘Going to the Chapel and we’re going to get married’ in my head from my gorgeous bridesmaids singing it at the rehearsal the day before. 

We had a big feed of my mum?s pancakes then headed off to the hairdressers which was so much fun there were 3 hairdressers and 2 make up artists between the 5 of us and we were pampered – I had my first glass of champagne at 9:30 in the morning. 

After arriving home we had a couple of hours to fill before the photographer arrived but then I was surprised when FH sent me a lovely flower arrangement but that didn?t even make me cry – I was pumped! 

We had some pics done at home and I was so wrapt our 19 degree day with showers was turning out to be a beautiful sunny low to mid 20’s, I kept asking when we could leave the photographer laughed and said he’d never seen a bride so excited to get married and not to worry because they couldn?t start without me. 

We finally left in our very cool looking silver Mercs, a few neighbours came out to wave which was nice then dad and I took photos of each other on the drive to the church. 

There were a few people out the front of the church and I was so happy to be there, then what seemed like a flash our music started and one by one my girls started disappearing before me then it was our turn It was the best feeling seeing all our family and friends smiling and then I saw Fh and he looked so blown away – I really got him! 

Our vows went very quick but they were beautiful and traditional, our mums signed as our witnesses which everybody said was a nice touch. 

After the ceremony we had some photos out front of the church with our rose petal cones a real hit. We also had some rural photos close by then a couple on the beach at Torquay as the light was fading. 

By now we were ready to party, we arrived fists pumping into our reception to loud applause, our roving entree was a big hit they had so much food, then we had our speeches which were all great especially DH who surprised me as he is not much of a public speaker. We then cut our lovely cake and after mains did our first dance to Keith Urbans – Once in a Lifetime, all our lessons paid off and we did it perfectly after that the dancing just kept going. Everyone got up to do the Bus stop, Macarena and the Nutbush.

Too soon it was time to leave and after our last dance to ‘Time of my Life’ we did our farewell circle and DH and I left in our car. 

Last thing I will say because it was so funny we arrived at The Mercure Geelong and were given 2 swipe cards to our room on the 7th (top) floor, DH opened the door then turned around to carry me in and the door swung shut with our card inside so we had to go back down and get another one – we couldn?t stop laughing. 

At the end of the day we couldn?t believe how perfect it went – we wouldn?t have changed a single thing 

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